Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brilliantly Disruptive

Wildly panned in the media, the round 1 Crispin Porter + Bogusky Microsoft Seinfeld / Gates ads were getting trashed by most as being confusing, complicated, stupid, or as PC Mag's John C. Dvorak wonders, kinky sex.

Seinfeld / Gates # 1

Seinfeld / Gates # 2

These ads proved to be a tipping point of a masterfully-planned word of mouth campaign that really started with the noise they created when they announced they signed Jerry Seinfeld as their spokesperson for $10 million. These disruptive ads were brilliantly designed to take over the conversation and "plow the road" for ads more on brand, and that land more of the vision and view of what Vista, and more broadly, what Microsoft, is attempting to get us to believe about it's image and what it's products can do for our lives. While it's yet to be seen how effective the campaign is at the register, they clearly have a solid plan on how they are going to shape the conversation.

"I'm a PC" Ad

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