Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brand Embrace: Revisited

In June, I wrote about a trip I had to a local car dealer and the awful experience that I had while I was there trying to work a deal on a shiny new Nissan Maxima. In the post, a cited how businesses should, when possible, embrace a customers' preconceived notion of their industry and leverage it. As an example, I described a car dealer in Philadelphia, PA that did just that; exploited the loud, boisterous, in-your-face advertising that many of us have come to know and love.

In an article yesterday on adage.com, they describe how car dealers are more frequently using viral video as a cost effective tool to reach their customers. In the video below, appropriately titled "The Seven Ways Dealers Screw You," they do just that. They embrace their brand and leverage the image of 'car dealer' to create a very funny, and rather entertaining poke at themselves.

The Seven Ways Dealers Screw You

Clay Corp
Norwood, Massachusetts

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