Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blistering Pace of Media II

Earlier this year, I blogged about how the speed in which news and other events are reported (Blistering Pace of Media, May 2008) has gone from reading about it in the newspaper daily, to watching up to the minute cable news, to finding out in a matter of seconds with the onslaught of microblogging services like Twitter paired with cell phones and a hungry digital community.

Now check out a new site that launched in August, called allvoices (www.allvoices.com/), which aggregates news from you and I into one complete site.

From allvoices:

"allvoices is a global community that shares news, videos, images and opinions tied to news events and people. It is the first true people’s media.

It's a place where individuals from all over the world can share what is happening where they are (location) at a particular point in time. allvoices then brings together multiple voices or points of view via news stories, videos, images and blogs from the Internet, to provide context and build momentum. The platform provides the community with the ability to search and navigate a news event by location and category, to share and to have a discussion around it, to emotionally connect with each other’s perspectives and complete the human story.
allvoices is an open and highly relevant social media site "unedited by humans", where anyone can report and add their voice from anywhere."

NOW what do you think of the "Blistering Pace of Media?" Leave us a comment.

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