Sunday, March 23, 2008

Game Over

After several years working at PRISM / SportsChannel, pursuing a career in TV, I decided to make the switch in June 1996 to working online full time. I saw unbelievable potential, and with the Channels succumbing to Comcast's takeover of the Philly sports teams, I decided to make the leap to our partner, AOL's Digital City Philadelphia. What was to come over the next two years was some of the most fun, and rewarding experiences of my career. Throughout the next several posts I will tell some stories of great people I worked with and the amazing work that we did together.

More to come.


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Rosey said...

And the world waited for us, didn't they T?

Ah, the magical Cup run of 1997. When Eric was talented despite the brooms of Detroit.

Those were fun days.